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We are Gas Safe/Oftec Oil registered heating engineers
Annual boiler service

Every year you should get your boiler serviced. Not doing so can invalidate your boiler’s warranty. An annual boiler service is also gives you the assurance that your boiler is working as it should. During the service we will clean its components, check the expansion vessel charge and PRV, and check everything is working. We can also identify any current, or potential problems. The sooner an issue is found, the less costly and expensive it will likely be to repair!
If larger or multiple issues are found we may recommend getting a new boiler.
Sometimes though, problems may arise before your service, and your boiler may indicate that it needs replacement.

Some indications that tell you it's time for a new boiler:
  • Regulars
If you find yourself constantly resetting, or regularly having to top up the system pressure, your boiler has a problem. If it’s old and keeps needing repairs, or maintenance to keep working, it’s probably time to replace it. Long term this can save you both time and money!
  • Strange noises
Typically you will not notice the sound your boiler makes while operating. If you start noticing it’s making a lot of noise and emitting strange sounds, there could be a problem. Sludge or limescale deposits, air in the system or poor pump circulation are a few things which can cause these noises. Sometimes you will need a boiler replacement, but sometimes a simple repair will solve the issue. To stop any problems getting worse, call us as soon as you start noticing the noises.
  • Carbon monoxide detector keeps sounding
If your carbon monoxide detector frequently goes off, then it is very probable that something is seriously wrong! Turn your boiler off and contact us immediately. Your boiler could potentially be posing a great danger to you and your family. Carbon monoxide poisoning is potentially fatal. It is also hard to detect, so it is crucial to pay attention to your detector. If your do not have a detector installed, install one ASAP! It could save your life…

Annual servicing will help you reach the typical lifespan of a boiler of about 15 years. The older your boiler is, the harder it works. So, if your boiler is nearing this age, you may want to consider getting a replacement!

Do you need a new boiler in Banbury or its surrounding areas?
Please do not hesitate to contact macD Plumbing and Heating we can install a new boiler or service your existing one in Banbury, Oxfordshire or surrounding areas