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With energy bills constantly rising, we could all do with a few tips to reduce our energy cost and consumption. Consider these small changes and see if they can make a difference to your energy costs.

Top Tips

Electrical appliances:

How many appliances or devices do you have plugged which are not being used? We all do it and it is a really common way most of us waste energy. When you’re not using appliances switch them off and unplug them from the wall. Even standby mode uses unnecessary energy!
Also, you can considerably improve your energy usage, and reduce your bills, by using energy efficient appliances. So, if you need to purchase a new appliance consider if there is an energy efficient model available.


Your radiators can really affect your energy bills. Check them regularly and don’t block them. The Energy Saving Trust reports that around 42% of homes have furniture blocking at least one radiator! Moving this furniture away will help heat circulate in your home, keeping you warmer longer and ensuring the boiler is not running unnecessarily.

Also avoid drying your clothes on the radiator. People sometimes do this, instead of using a tumble dryer. When you dry your clothes on your radiator, this could end up being worse for your bills as you are forcing your boiler to work harder. Additional moisture on the external parts of your radiators could also add to premature rust damage and the need to replace them.

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